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Last Updated: 2020-04-07
Surging is a micro-service engine that provides a lightweight, high-performance, modular RPC request pipeline. The service engine supports http, TCP, WS,Grpc, Mqtt, UDP, and DNS protocols. It uses ZooKeeper and Consul as a registry, and integrates it. Hash, random, polling, Fair Polling as a load balancing algorithm, built-in service governance to ensure reliable RPC communication, the engine contains Diagnostic, link tracking for protocol and middleware calls, and integration SkyWalking Distributed APM
  • apigateway
  • apollo
  • consul
  • dns-server
  • grpc
  • json-serialization
  • kafka
  • kestrel
  • log4net
  • memorycache
  • messagepack
  • microservices
  • nlog
  • protobuffer
  • rabbitmq
  • redis
  • skywalking
  • surging
  • swagger
  • zookeeper